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Ziemlich beste Freunde (Special Edition) [2 DVDs]
EUR 49,95 Philippe führt das perfekte Leben. Er ist reich, adlig, gebildet und hat eine Heerschar von Hausangestellten – aber ohne Hilfe geht nichts! Philippe ist vom Hals an abwärts gelähmt. Eines Tages taucht Driss, ein junger Mann, der gerade aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde, in Philippes geordnetem Leben... Mehr
The Bestseller: A psychological thriller that will keep you guessing (English Edition)
Would you kill to write a bestseller? Well Adrian Slater says that he’s prepared to do just that – and announces the fact in a creative writing class. Lecturer Dudley Grose is convinced that Slater is a psychopath and means what he says. But the Dean of the university... Mehr
Mafia III – Schneller, Baby! Edition DLC [PC Code – Steam]
EUR 14,99 Sinclair Parish: Ein ganz neuer Ort westlich des Bayous unter der Knute von korrupten Gesetzeshütern, die mit Angst und Gewalt allen Einwohnern ihre Lebensweise aufzwingen wollen. Weites und abwechslungsreiches Gelände bildet die Bühne für epische Verfolgungsjagden und völlig neue Kampftaktiken.Eine neue Handlung rund um Familie, Verrat und... Mehr
Adding Four Digit Numbers with Molé the Min Pin: The Vertical Book (Math with Molé 11) (English Edition)
Molé the Min Pin is at it again, bringing you even more math problems! This time his book is filled with over 60 different random sets of 4 digit numbers that are written in the vertical form! These problem sets are different from those in his horizontal book, so... Mehr
Peter Voss Edition [2 DVDs]
EUR 7,51 Besonderheiten: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahre Mehr
Secret Ingredient: An Alpha and Omega Yaoi Short (English Edition)
Impoverished cigar-maker Duncan Howland spent every last penny of his inheritance to pay his true mate, Addison’s brideprice. Now, unless he can figure out what the secret ingredient of his deceased father’s cigar recipe was, he will be forced to close the factory. Addy is eager to help in... Mehr
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed – Limited Edition
EUR 49,95 In diesem Nachfolger des sehr erfolgreichen Sonic & SEGA All-Star’s Racing verfügen die Charaktere jetzt jeweils über ihre eigenen individuellen wandlungsfähigen Fahrzeuge, die sich jedem Geländetyp auf die bestmögliche Art anpassen. Bei Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed sind die beliebtesten Charaktere von SEGA, einschließlich Sonic the Hedgehog,... Mehr
Magic Thoughts: A Dictionary of Aphorisms (English Edition)
Nicolae Petrescu-Redi is from Ploiesti and of course, contaminated by the spirit of Caragiale. But he also adds to his grounded-ironic availability a lyric sensitivity expressed in memorable quotes.Miniatures and sayings gather, therefore, in condensed expressions, existential reflections.He is characterized by classic discipline, means of clear, suggestive struggle, through... Mehr
Short Story Collection Box Set For Kids (English Edition)
This collection of short stories is perfect for your 8-12 year old reader. It includes the #1 Amazon Best Selling short stories Farty Marty, Do Not Feed the Zombies, and the complete Grade School Super Hero trilogy. Also included in this collection is the novella, The Card. Mehr
Johnny Cash: The Life (English Edition)
The definitive, intimate, no-holds-barred biography of Johnny Cash. In JOHNNY CASH: THE LIFE, Robert Hilburn conveys the untarnished truth about a musical icon. Drawing upon his personal experience with Cash and a trove of never-before-seen material from the singer’s inner circle, Hilburn creates an utterly compelling, deeply human portrait... Mehr